Parks - Cantonment Board Sargodha 

Horticulture Branch is performing various activities to keep the Cantt Clean & Green.

  • To improve the beautification and landscaping of public parks and green belts in Cantt area
  • Increase the Area under green spaces along with maintenance of already developed green belts and parks.
  • To keep the trees and ornamental shrubs of Cantt area in their best health and shape
  • To create awareness among the residents of Cantt area about plants and trees for the improvement of environment
  • Annual Spring  flower show.
  • Tree plantation campaign organized in spring and monsoon season in which Schools and residents of Cantt area are also involved. 
  • Replacement of dead and missing plants with healthy plants \wherever required.
  • Provision of Garden benches for sitting of visitors/pedestrians in parks and green belts
  • Improvement of garden cradles and fountains wherever required
  • Training and skill development and efficient use of manpower, in field of gardening.
  • Treatment of diseased/weak plants with fertilizer and proper chemical/cultural practices.