Cantonment Board Sargodha maintains wide network of water supply to provide water to the residents of Sargodha Cantt.

CBS have maintained 09 Tube wells, 3 underground water tank and 02 overhead water tanks . There are 18 water filtration plants installed in Sargodha Cantt for provision of pure and hygienic water to the residents of Cantt area. All filtration plants are functional and well maintained. The cartridges are being changed on regular basis after every 03 months.


S. No.

Area of Cantt Board Sargodha


S-1 (Civil Line, Farooq Colony, Saqid Abad,  Imtiazabad,  Bismillah Homes, Al-Farooq Colony ,Khyaban-e-Asad, Khyaban-e-Sadiq, Khyaban-e- Khalid, Jinnah Park, Qasim Park, Canal Avenue, Muradabad,  Khaliqabad, Bilal Park,Mansoorabad Phase I & II, Khuda Bukhs Colony, Soni Pura, Rehmat Park, Shadman Colony, John Colony, Qamar Town, Banglow No.9, Banglow No.10, Kalyar Town, Cheema Colony, Rana Town )


S-2 (Askari Home, CB Housing Scheme, Muhammad Din Colony, Rasheed Colony, Shahzad Park, Shaheen Park, Sher Zaman Town, Gulshan-e-Siddique, Shadab Town, Madina Town, Hayyat Colony, Safdar Colony, Ghaffor Town, Al-Faisal Park, Gulshan-e-Bilal, Sultan Colony, Muhammad Ali Block, Pir Muhammad Colony, Defence Garden, Tarar Block, Defence Town, Canal View, Umer Park, Akram Block, Atta Muhammad Colony, Ahmed G Town, Maken Park, Allama Iqbal Town)


S-3 (Murad Colony, Nazir Garden, Khyaban-e-Sher, Cantt Villas, Cantt View, Waris Town, Muhafiz Town, Noor Colony, Model Colony, Sahi Colony, Peoples Park, Makkah Town, Eagle Cilty, Secondary Park, Madni Town, Defence View, Green Town, Mariyam Town, ZamZam Town, Dawood Nagar, Gozen Town, Khan Muhammad Colony, Pal Nager, Feroz Town, Yousaf Town, Shah Muhammad Colony, Officer Colony)


S-4 Liaqat Colony, Labour Colony, Abdullah Town, Mehar Colony, Sharif Colony, Ikram Town, Javed Colony Phase I & II, Al-Minhaj Town, Umair Park, Siraj Colony, Ehsan Colony, Sargodha Homes, Gulshan-e-Luqman, Afzal Colony, Chak No.49 NB, Chak No.48 NB, Chak No.86 NB, Chak No.87 NB, Ghous Garden, Green Garden)


S-5 (Tariqabad, Bajwah Colony, Mosa Colony, Phool Colony)



Tubewells 1.674 MG/Daily

Current Population (Approx) 0.152 M (persons
Water supply served through all sources 80 % of population
Water demand 30 Gallons per day per capita
Total daily demand 4.520 MGD
Daily Average Supply 2.50 MGD

Mr Muhammad Aamir Khan, Cantonment Engineer (CE) 0322-5334444
Mr Asif Shahzad, Cantonment Overseer (CO) 0300-5215709
Mr Salman Khan,(Water Supply Supervisor) 0313-9830329

List of Tube Wells

S.No Location
1 Khaliqabad
2 85 Jhall Near Lower Jehlum Canal

List of Filtration Plants






Filtration Plant N.B.P Club Road



Imtiazabad Filtration Plant



Bismillah Homes Filtration Plant



47 Wagon Stand Filtration Plant



Chak No.47 Filtration Plant



Shah Muhammad Colony Filtration Plant



49 Tail Filtration Plant



Chak No.48 Filtration Plant



Bajwa Colony Filtration Plant



Tariqabad Filtration Plant



Cantt Board Staff Colony Filtration Plant



Alif Chowk Filtration Plant



Shadman Colony Filtration Plant



Gulshan e Bilal Filtration Plant



Pir Muhammad Colony Filtration Plant



P.A.F Airman Colony P.A.F Road Filtration Plant



Cheema Colony Filtration Plant



Umar Park Filtration Plant


List of Underground Water Tanks

S.No Location
1 Khaliqabad
2 Tariqabad
3 Siraj Colony

List of Overhead Water Tanks

S.No Location
1 Khaliqabad
2 Tariqabad